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- Activities -

Membership Drive
February 19th

9am and 11am Masses

St. Scholastica

4301 W Homosassa Trail
Lecanto, FL 34461


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AOH Citrus County
PO Box 123
Melbourne, Florida 32///


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An Gorta Mor Monument Beautification Project
St. Scholastica Parish

Through time, nature has taken its course, thieves have plundered and the area surrounding the An Gorta Mor Celtic Cross and Monument at St. Scholastica Parish in Citrus County has become overwhelming for our Senior AOH Brothers to maintain.

Join us
February 18th
Plans are to clear the area of dead vegetation, trim bushes and trees, install benches, replace mulch and plant flowers.  Tools- small to large will be provided, just bring yourself and gloves. 
more . . .

Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity in Citrus County

State Officers hosted by
Citrus Divison

As part of the AOH Florida State Board, Diviision visitations The Brig. Sullivan Division played host to Pres. Seán Canning and VP Jim  "Séamus" Rukosky On Sunday January 22nd.

The two joined Division Officers to "raise the tent" and participate in the Divisions Membership Drive.

Through time the Division has suffered deeply with the passing of many of their Brothers.

Prior to the 9:00am and 11:00am masses church goers were greated at the entrance with the colors of Eireann and the Hibernian Story.

 "Snow-Bird" Hibernians stopped at the tent and several applications were handed out! 

The Membership Drive Continues February 19th


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